Why Wait for a Cure?

Fairbanks Trident Precast Concrete Truck Scales are poured and cured in factory-controlled conditions and delivered in ready-to-install modules. The result is a concrete scale with incredible compressive strength and without curing delays or porosity/cracking often associated with less than ideal field pour conditions.

Trident Truck Scales feature one day installation, superior strength from no-risk engineered concrete, hermetically sealed load cells, and unrivaled lightning and surge protection. So many benefits, no wait time. Capacities 50 to 140 tons.

What We Do

Scale Manufacturer

Fairbanks has been a leader in scale technology since 1830. Though many things have changed since then, we still lead the industry with the most reliable and accurate mission-critical weighing equipment. Whether you're weighing 2 pounds or 150,000, our scales are the best way to obtain the best weigh.

Service and Calibration

The scale itself is only half the story - without proper service and calibration, no scale will provide the accuracy necessary to prevent financial loss. Our nation-wide network of trained technicians stands ready to ensure your equipment is in peak condition whenever and wherever that may be.

Innovation & Development

For over a century, Fairbanks has met and mastered challenging situations. If you have a need that no standard product can handle, or a situation that seems impossible, Fairbanks has the resources to find a solution.

Fairbanks Scales has helped us lower operating costs, improve our response times to customers, and improve communication between the production floor and the front office.

- Kevin Watts,Vice President, Laubscher Cheese Company

Fairbanks is very customer friendly. They set up the scale in a timely manner, calibrated it and came out and worked with us to help employees learn how to use the scale efficiently. They have answered all our questions and we have been very satisfied with the scale.

- Robin Simpson,Vice President of Distribution, U.S. Toy

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