FB6001 & FB6011 Desktop Instrument

Designed for specifically vehicle weighing applications, the FB6011 instrument is Fairbanks standard Inbound / Outbound transaction instrument. It is available with Fairbanks exclusive Intalogix Technology, the industry leading load cell communication and surge protection technology, as model FB6011. It is also available as a traditional analog instrument, model FB6001. The FB6011 is packaged in a powder coated desk top enclosure for office and scale house environments. The FB6011 features three modes of operation, built-in traffic controls, 3 RS232 communication ports, 3 USB ports, an on-board 802.3 ethernet port and transaction export functions to meet your application requirements.

Product Documentation

Color Literature
Color Literature - Spanish
FB6011 Intalogix Operators Manual
WEB INTRA INTL DOM FB6001 Analog Operators Manual