Parcel Dimensioner Shipping Scale

Fairbanks Parcel Dimensioner system is a measurement system that will weigh and measure parcels.  The Fairbanks Scales Parcel Dimensioner provides an intuitive user interface for displaying a “live” image of a parcel on the scale for quick positioning and it measures boxes and containers that are regular and irregularly shaped as well providing length, width, and height from its extreme points, so you know the space required for storage or shipping of any parcel.

  • Maximum Box Size: 48” X 36” X 40”
  • Minimum Box Size: 6” X 6” X 2”
  • Linear Accuracy: +/- .5”
  • Scan Time: ~ 1 second
  • Surface Characteristics: Most Surfaces including glossy and transparent shrink wrap
  • Data Collected: Dimensions, Photo and Weight.