02 Aug

LabelBank / DataBank software is not just for the food industry – read on to see how it helps with labeling and tracking bags of currency

Tracking boxes, crates, and bags of product is important to most businesses, but it’s especially important in the currency business! Recently, a leading armored car business asked us to help them develop a better process for labeling and tracking bags of money. They wanted to improve the accuracy and verification of bagged currency and aid in compliance with government regulations.

We suggested that they look at the LabelBank/DataBank Rapid Bar Code Labeling System. The industrial bar coding system for data acquisition, bar coding, and labeling combines user-friendly, factory-installed software with a networkable touch screen instrument and high-speed industrial thermal bar code printer. Optional software allows users to custom format labels. The system, widely used for food labeling applications, is crossing into virtually every industry.

Armored vehicles need to verify weight of loose coin bags

The armored car company provides armored transportation to the Federal Reserve Bank, commercial, and bank customers. When processing bags of loose coins, they verify bag weight by denomination, which allows them to catch any bags that are not the declared value and minimize the variance to the end user.

The company did not have a way to properly label processed bags with all of the information required. They were looking for an automated system that gets the right information on the label, so they could speed up the process and eliminate human error. The bags need to be verified for deposit by denomination to be within a specified weight tolerance. They also must be labeled with the bank name, ABA routing number, denomination, and dollar value. If the information on the bag is not complete or correct, the armored car company was liable for any variance from the declared value on the bag.

Fairbanks Scales immediately started investigating the process. We identified the key personnel and the required methods and processes. In addition to a system that could guarantee accurate weighment, record the data into a database, and label the product with an approved label, the company really wanted to reduce human error in counting the quantity of bags. They also needed immediate access to the information gathered.

After reviewing the requirements, we determined that the LabelBank/DataBank Rapid Bar Code Labeling System was the optimal solution. LabelBank allowed the armored car company to uniquely identify each bag of currency for their customers with an easy to understand label. It also helps them offer additional services, including customized labeling and immediate data reporting. DataBank provides a solid platform for storing and integrating the data collected with third-party applications.

The system also includes a secure override function, which can be used to authorize approval of an out-of-tolerance condition. The function immediately alerts the company to any errors, and records the error, along with the authorizing override account for traceability and measurement.

The system brought a new level of efficiency and compliance to the company’s operations. It streamlined their weighing process, and is helping them provide a level of service unmatched by anyone in their industry.

So, LabelBank/DataBank is not just for food, but it’s a tasty solution nonetheless.