Encapsulated Electronics

Only Fairbanks Scales takes the extra step to completely encapsulate electronics mounted at the scale platform. The complete encapsulation of our electronic Smart Sectional Controller circuit boards helps ensure up-time even in the worst climates.

Fairbanks' encapsulation process helps protect electronics from moisture by completely covering all of the electronic components with a waterproof compound. No other manufacturer takes this extra precaution to protect electronics the way Fairbanks does. No one.

Fairbanks understands there are always human, environmental and physical factors that can effect the protection provided by an enclosure such as tightening and loosening of gland nuts, over-torqued cover bolts, vibration, extreme temperature swings and even physical damage to the enclosure. Fairbanks knows this will happen even under the best circumstances and provides a real world solution to address these issues. The end result is a product to keep our customers running, regardless.

The base material of our encapsulation is a difunctional bisphenol A / Epichlorohynrin "epoxy" resin. The base is then cross-linked with an "amine" hardener blend, a system chosen because of its exceptional electrical insulating properties and its translucent properties.

The epoxy formulation is based on very well established chemistry which has been used in various industries for decades.

Some of the applications include:

  • Tooling, casting and molding
  • Electrical and aerospace applications
  • Marine coatings (boat hulls)
  • Chemical-resistant tank linings.

The life expectancy depends on the operating environment, but it is expected to last 20+ years in our applications.