Sanitary Design

Fairbanks has revolutionized sanitary design in weighing equipment. Industry-first sanitary designs in the Aegis Lift Deck and QuickSilver Bench Scale have made major leaps in promoting cleanability and reducing dangerous collection points for contaminants to hide. Fairbanks' sanitary design products have been designed with the ten sanitary design principles put forth by the Sanitary Design Task Force, consisting of members of the food processing industry sanctioned by the American Meat Institute.

Spacers, Drainage and Collections Points

Particular attention has been given to component joints, a practice not followed by competitors' scales. Wide spacers have been placed at all joints on our sanitary design products allowing for food particles to be easily washed away. Special attention has also been given to eliminate collection points while the design also provides numerous drainage holes and wash access points.

Accessible Cleaning Through a Lift Design

A unique completely accessible design that allows for easy cleaning sets an industry first for floor scales. Integrated gas charged springs allow the scale platform to be easily lifted and pressure washed. Other sanitary design features include moisture-resistant hermetically sealed load cells, smooth welded rounded inside and outside corners, and a design with no water collection points.

Unique Sanitary Design Load Cell Features

Most of the load cells in Fairbanks Scales products are constructed from materials compatible with cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, as recommended by the Sanitary Design Task Force. These load cells also carry an IP69K rating where applicable, which denotes a load cell's protection against ingression during exposure to high temperature and high pressure, such as washdown. These rigorous requirements help to keep food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals uncontaminated.