Hazardous Substance Restrictions

Almost all of Fairbanks Scales products, when used as standalone equipment, fall within Product Category 9 of the European Union RoHS Directive, and therefore are currently outside of the Directive's scope.

However, Fairbanks Scales recognizes that many of its products are incorporated into data systems that may not be out-of-scope or exempt, thus requiring compliance with the Maximum Concentration Values specified for RoHS-controlled substances. Furthermore, we share with our customers an increasing concern for the environment, and recognize that product design and manufacture can have an environmental impact.

Therefore, we have embarked on a vigorous program to bring our products into conformance with the dictates of RoHS and similar environmental laws.

Fairbanks Scales has established a formal corporate goal to comply with RoHS. Fairbanks' first fully compliant weighing product was available in time for the RoHS deadline of 1 July 2006. Since that time, newly developed products have complied with RoHS standards. Existing products are evaluated and made compliant if customer demand warrants.

Fairbanks Scales is committed to complying with all national laws in the countries in which it operates, and it stipulates that its suppliers do the same.