Intalogix® Lightning Protection

To provide customers with the most accurate and reliable weighing equipment, Fairbanks Scales created Intalogix® Technology. Designed and developed exclusively by Fairbanks, this state-of-the-art digital technology achieves the highest levels of accuracy, reliability and surge protection providing the most dependable system available in today's weighing equipment.

Developed by Fairbanks Scales, Intalogix Technology provides a unique defense system which works with most scale applications and is specially engineered to isolate and guard your scale from dangerous power surges and lightning strikes.

Intalogix protects your scale in ways other systems can't. The heart of this technology is a true digital signal that's up to one million times stronger than a conventional analog signal. Intalogix Technology uses its powerful signal to stay in constant communication with your scale's individual load cells, instantly detecting any abnormality or deviation in performance. Should moisture or some other problem be found with a load cell or other electronic component, Intalogix Technology will alert you and tell you where the trouble is located.

Another benefit of Intalogix is its optical load cell isolation. This unique method of isolation creates a surge-stopping barrier between your scale's load cells and its supporting electronics, suspending the load cells safely away from harmful surges and electrical spikes. As a second line of defense, Fairbanks instruments with Intalogix Technology boast an electrical isolation design. This method of isolation ensures that any surge which happens to enter the system is diverted to "earth ground," instead of rushing through all the scale electronics, preventing the damage and failures which would occur in a conventional analog system.

Intalogix Technology has been engineered with one goal in mind: to prevent situations which may threaten the life, accuracy and performance of your scale. Fairbanks understands the importance of your scale to your operation. Don't wait until the damage has occurred. Put the shield of Intalogix Technology to work for you today and you will rest easy knowing that Fairbanks has you covered. Intalogix Technology can be used in all makes of scales, new and old, including scales in which conventional instrumentation was previously used.