A Legacy of Leadership

Fairbanks has a long legacy of innovation throughout its 190 year history. The company's founder Thaddeus Fairbanks created the platform scale in 1830 setting the company apart as a leader in the weighing industry. Since then there have been countless inventions, improvements and patents on Fairbanks' weighing instruments.

State-of-the-art technologies continue the Fairbanks tradition of setting the standard for weighing equipment throughout the world. Fairbanks' Intalogix® Technology allows scales to achieve higher levels of accuracy, diagnostic capabilities and reliability currently unmatched by industry competitors. Industry-first sanitary-design weighing systems help to meet the increasing demand for contaminant- free food processing equipment. Fairbanks' water-tight epoxy encapsulation of circuit boards, the same system used in aerospace applications, helps ensure that Fairbanks' scales will stand up in the most trying conditions, where competitors simply cannot.