13 Sep

Keep up With Scale Technology Innovations to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Working in the weighing industry without keeping closely abreast of the many recent innovations in scale technology is a sure way to fall behind competitors. Advanced scale technology expedites work and processing times, simplifies data storage and transfer, and ultimately saves end-users money.

One example of the type of innovative scale systems indispensable in modern weighing is Fairbanks Scales’ new and improved FB2550 scale instrument. Innovative in its simplicity, networking capabilities, and processing power, the FB2550 belongs in every weighing company’s arsenal.

The FB2550’s simpler operation makes it faster and more consistent, which in turn leads to a higher level of efficiency and cost savings one can later deposit into a high interest savings account. The full color, true graphic touchscreen display makes the instrument extremely easy to use. A powerful integrated web utility gives technicians complete access to all menu options, including calibration, with a user friendly, web accessible interface.

All configuration and calibration functions can be performed from a connected laptop or tablet with an Ethernet crossover cable or an existing network, using standard web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. When used with Fairbanks’ unique Remote Configuration Device (RCD), technicians can even calibrate the FB2550 right from the scale platform, eliminating the need to travel between the platform and instrument to test and calibrate the scale system. For weighing technicians, it all adds up to real savings in time and effort, and increased overall efficiency.

The FB2550 is also a highly connected piece of equipment, with a range of networking abilities that makes it perfect for today’s modern weighing systems. Up to five FB2550 instruments can be networked, sharing transactional data and traffic light controls from up to eight scale platforms. Users can also automatically email transactional data or trouble codes. This improves access to transaction data and provides faster response times if there is ever an issue. Transaction data can be automatically exported to a shared user-defined network folder at the end of the day, placing key corporate data at customers’ hands in a timely and reliable manner. Load cell diagnostics data can be viewed, printed, exported, or emailed.

With its high level of processing power, the FB2550 can handle the ever-increasing data processing and storage performance requirements for weighing operations. Equipped with standard short or long platform Axlematic software, the system lets customers secure axle weights along with total vehicle weight to ensure compliance with DOT requirements.

The increased processing power also enables integration with IP cameras. Powerful camera interfacing capabilities allow the FB2550 to capture and store images from up to two IP cameras as a transaction is processed – and email or print images with a transaction ticket. The robust processing power means weighing technicians complete their job faster and more accurately, and it helps enable a much higher level of communication between weighing companies and their customers.

Scale technology is evolving. Scales need the ability to store and process a large volume of data and the ability to network and interact freely with other scales and connected devices, all within an easy to use interface. The FB2550 from Fairbanks Scales delivers on all fronts, and is truly among the most innovative scales currently available.