25 Oct

New Lower Cost-Of-Entry Scale Fills the Gap Where Full-Size Truck Scales Are Not Practical

Many operators want to better manage inventory and reduce their overload risks, but lack space or budget for a full-size truck scale. Farmers and co-ops want to manage crops, monitor inventory levels, and know that trucks are full — but not overweight — before leaving the farm. It’s important to prevent overweight trucks from hitting the highways and ensure trucks are safe and roadworthy.

Until recently, those looking for a cost-effective option for checkweighing loads had few choices. Now, there is a new slow speed axle scale system that arrives precast and ready to install. The AxleSurance In-Motion Weigh System, gives axle and gross truck weights that can be displayed, printed, and saved for easy record keeping. A simple backhoe is all that’s required to prepare the site and set the scale platform. The full system can be installed and calibrated in four hours or less.

The AxleSurance system calculates, displays, and captures each individual axle as it rolls over the scale. It sums the weights and prints individual axle and gross weights on the tickets. Tare weights can be stored in the database or recorded with an in/out operation.

The unattended AxleSurance console functions as a self-contained control unit that drivers can operate entirely independently. Transaction records can be saved and transmitted to the user’s management systems.

The standard AxleSurance scale is 11-feet wide and arrives in a precast base. The full system comes with an unattended instrument console, remote LED display, data and homerun cable, plus an information management software package that can be customized to the specific operation. The AxleSurance software is available in farm, aggregate, and base formats.

Full concrete approaches are not required, but will improve the accuracy of the system. Hard pack rock approaches provide accuracy of < 0.5 percent on average, while concrete approaches will improve accuracy up to < 0.2 percent on average.

AxleSurance scale system reduces install time, real estate, and operation time. While not a legal-for-trade scale, it can offer a quick return on investment for companies that want to maximize their truck loads while reducing their overload risks.