09 Jun

Weighing in: An introduction to Weighing In, Fairbanks Scale’s new blog

Fairbanks designs scales. We build scales. We install, fix, and maintain scales. Heck, we’re good at it. But, after nearly two hundred years, we forget that not everyone knows what we know. We forget that not everyone lives and breathes weighing technology like we do.

And, that’s why we are introducing our new blog – Weighing In. We envision it as a great forum to help our customers (and, our potential new customers) understand weighing better. We want to show why weighing is so important to their operations, and maybe even increase the reliability of their processes – and help them make a little more money.

My goal moving forward is to offer a wide range of educational information oriented around weighing equipment challenges and solutions. I will tap into our industry experts, who will use this space to highlight current topics, share real-world examples, and describe innovations in the marketplace. We hope you find this news interesting, exciting, and helpful…We are certainly excited about sharing it with you!

Welcome and enjoy!

First up is a story from the Volunteer State. We’ll tell the tale of how a hay farmer in Tennessee decided between a steel deck and a concrete deck on his scale to navigate some treacherous weather and solve his safety issues.

Author: Brad Grindstaff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

2 thoughts on “Weighing in: An introduction to Weighing In, Fairbanks Scale’s new blog

  1. I like how you said that it’s important for your customers to be educated on what weighing scales are used for. It’s also very nice to know how they work, particularly if you’re in the market for one. I have some friends who are looking to get one installed for their local municipality. I’ll have to show this blog to them. Thanks for sharing!

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