02 Apr

New truck scale instrument integrates weighing functions with daily production and business functions

Customer requirements and product performance expectations continue to increase in all business areas. One place we are really seeing this is in the demand to integrate weighing functions more closely with daily production and business functions. Companies are looking to increase profitability and efficiency by increasing the number of weighments they can make over a given time financial performance monitoring. New instruments are being developed that fit in with today’s culture and business environment, where everyone expects user interfaces to provide immediate feedback and be easier to use.

For example, Fairbanks’ new FB2560 instrument uses faster and more powerful processors to provide quick response time and a superior user experience. The processor went from 1.6GHz to 1.83GHz Quad Core. In addition, downtime is minimized with Intalogix® technology, which allows the instrument to help diagnose load cell issues. Also, installation and calibration are streamlined in the FB2560 through the web interface.

The new instrument now includes five USB ports. One is a USB 3.0 port, which can transfer data about 10 times faster than the older USB 2.0 standard. The operating system has been upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, which will allow for extended operating system support for this family of instruments. The RAM was doubled to 4 GB to increase the speed of the user interface. Along with the new hardware, software enhancements include additional features to improve service and support.

The FB2560 Series Driver Assist Terminal (DAT) is designed to speed the vehicle weighing process and reduce associated operating costs. By allowing drivers to remain inside their vehicles, the FB2560 DAT also eliminates safety concerns and liabilities that can occur when drivers walk across scale platforms and traffic lanes. Axlematic applications allow for axle-by-axle weighing of vehicles on both full-length platform and short platform scales.

Of course other weighing instrument options are also available, including the entry level FB1100, as well as the FB2250, FB2560, FB4000, and FB6000 series.  Each has a unique feature set that meets a range of customer requirements. In addition, Fairbanks has a dedicated team to address specific customized application needs.

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