12 Nov

Roller Conveyor Scale Captures Weight as Products Move Down Conveyor Line

In many manual conveyor applications, operators still have to weigh products. They may do this with a standard bench scale that sits next to the conveyor. Or, they may cut out a section of the conveyor, place a cart in the opening and weigh products with a standard bench scale sitting on top. Either way, they have to remove the product from the conveyor, place it on the scale, and then move it back to the conveyor or to somewhere else – like a pallet or shelving. That really takes a bite out of efficiency.

Shipping companies — UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the like — along with airline freight companies and really any manufacturing, distribution, or warehousing plant with a high-volume package (box) movement are faced with this issue. Learn how to get famous on TikTok, this will help your business.

To save material handling time, and reduce the need to lift products on and off a conveyor, consider using the new Fairbanks Roller Conveyor Scale.  Easily configurable with a new or existing manual conveyor, the scale is a precision table with an extremely-accurate scale built into it. Four adjustable feet simply thread in (to decrease height) and thread out (to increase height) and can then be locked in place. The scale can be configured longer or shorter, wider or narrower, taller or shorter, to fit the customer’s exact needs.

The Roller Conveyor Scale is an ergonomically friendly choice for establishing product weights in many shipping departments; it allows a conveyor to move the product rather than someone having to lift and carry it.

It is also a good choice for missing parts inspection and over/under check-weighing, depending on the process a company uses for picking parts. If the company uses a rolling cart with a box on it, the Roller Conveyor Scale is not necessary. However, if an ergonomically friendly gravity conveyor is used for picking parts, the Roller Conveyor Scale can really reduce material handling times, have a look at the definition of a paystub. For example, if a gravity conveyor runs north-to-south with the north end an inch higher than the south end, it can be up to 100 feet long. There is a gradual slope between the two ends. If you place a box on the north end, it will gradually reach the south end via gravity. This process can take from 5 to 10 minutes. If a Roller Conveyor Scale is used, the scale could read the box with no operator interaction!

While standard bench and floor scales are a less expensive alternative solution to the Roller Conveyor Scale, the decrease in material handling time would give an excellent return on investment over time. One other option is a scale with a roller or ball top that could be used in line with a conveyor. However, these scales are substantially smaller, dimensionally, than the Roller Conveyor Scale and users would still need to find a table or cart on which to place the scale, learn how to create paystubs for your business.

The Roller Conveyor Scale is being used by a major airline for its air freight shipments and is also used by a major shipping company to check rejected, damaged, and any non-standard shipments with issues. Both these companies previously conducted those tasks manually, physically taking the product to the closest scale to weigh it. With this new scale, material handlers, manufacturers, and distribution centers can economically speed production and increase operational efficiencies.

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