Guardian Service Plans

The Fairbanks Guardian Service Protection Program takes the unknowns out of your weighing equipment maintenance costs. It is a full-service program that covers all your inspections and repairs at a fixed price, so you don't have to worry about unexpected maintenance costs.

Standard Silver Gold Platinum

Priority 1 Emergency Support
Calibration Inspections
Scheduled Calibration Visits Available 2/year 2/year 2/year
Additional Calibration Visits Available Available Available Available
Travel Time Charges Included
Truck and Mileage Charges Included
On-Site Labor Charges Included
Parts Included
Standard Freight Included
Overnight Freight Included
Wireless Instrument Monitoring & Remote Diagnostics
Service Failure Notifications & Help Desk Support
Discounted Parts
Product Replacement Discounts
24-Hour Access to Support
Discounted After-Hours & Extra Service Rates
Lubrication Service Available Available

  • The insurance you need
  • The ultimate in protecting your investment
  • Total support in one package
  • The best service protection in the weighing industry

To learn more, please review our Open End and Closed End Service White Paper.