Railroad Scales Troubleshooting

Issue Probable Cause Solution

Constant / intermittent unstable display Motion on scale
  • Secure moving car(s) on the scale. Allow time for moving liquid inside containers on the scale to stop.
Constant / intermittent unstable display Radio transmissions
  • Turn off radio, move the radio and antenna away from the weight display and scale.
Constant / intermittent unstable display A/C power disturbances
  • Is the A/C power used for the scale a dedicated line (connected to a single breaker in the A/C power service panel)? Is the A/C power outlet properly wired with a ground?
Inaccurate weights; Weight display not returning to zero Obstructions water, debris
  • Ensure the space between the deck edge, pit coping, and rails is clear and free of any material which could jam the deck and cause inaccurate weights.
  • Ensure the scale pit and understructure is clean and dry.
  • Ensure the drains for the pit are clear and not blocked, and that any installed automatic sump pump and discharge piping are in good working condition.
No weight display No power
  • Is there power? If battery powered, is the battery recharged and connected properly?
Weight display stays on zero; no response to the keypad / keys Weight display is locked up
  • Turn the weight indicator off for a few minutes.