Instrumentation Troubleshooting

Issue Probable Cause Solution

Display powers up, will not display weight Scale needs to be zeroed.
  • Make sure platform is empty. Press the zero button.
No Weight Display No power
  • Make sure instrument plugged in power source. If equipped with ON/OFF switch, turn it on. Check to see if fuse or circuit breaker is blown.
Unstable weight display. Motion on Scale
  • Load on scale is moving or unstable. Shelter platform from wind.
Unstable weight display. Interference with scale.
  • Clear all foreign debris from under/around scale.
Unstable weight display. Radio transmissions
  • Turn off radio, move the radio and antenna away from the Weight Display and Scale.
Unstable weight display. A/C power disturbances
  • Connect indicator to dedicated AC line. Make sure power source has proper ground. Provide surge protection to AC circuit.
Weight display stays on Zero Weight display is locked up
  • Turn the weight Indicator off for a few minutes then power back on.
Weight display stays on Zero Bad connection to platform
  • Check condition of cable from indicator to platform, is it cracked or cut, etc. If equipped with quick disconnect, ensure that it is plugged in securely.