Instrumentation Troubleshooting

Issue Probable Cause Solution

Display powers up, will not display weight Scale needs to be zeroed.
  • Make sure platform is empty. Press the zero button.
No Weight Display No power
  • Make sure instrument plugged in power source. If equipped with ON/OFF switch, turn it on. Check to see if fuse or circuit breaker is blown.
Unstable weight display. A/C power disturbances
  • Connect indicator to dedicated AC line. Make sure power source has proper ground. Provide surge protection to AC circuit.
Unstable weight display. Motion on Scale
  • Load on scale is moving or unstable. Shelter platform from wind.
Unstable weight display. Interference with scale.
  • Clear all foreign debris from under/around scale.
Unstable weight display. Radio transmissions
  • Turn off radio, move the radio and antenna away from the Weight Display and Scale.
Weight display stays on Zero Bad connection to platform
  • Check condition of cable from indicator to platform, is it cracked or cut, etc. If equipped with quick disconnect, ensure that it is plugged in securely.
Weight display stays on Zero Weight display is locked up
  • Turn the weight Indicator off for a few minutes then power back on.