LabelBank/DataBank Bar Code Labeling and Data Collection System

Fairbanks Scales LabelBank / DataBank software is designed for the advanced features of the Fairbanks Scales FB4000 Solution Series instrument. Fairbanks Scales LabelBank / DataBank have an easy-to-read interface, color coded indications, and visibility of important product information. Fairbanks Scales LabelBank / DataBank is your tool for collecting data and addressing critical labeling applications.

Fairbanks Scales Ledger for DataBank is an optional WEB reporting tool providing an intuitive user interface to get to the information that your business requires and demands. Fairbanks Scales Ledger for DataBank is a WEB-based, interactive, access to data collected by Fairbanks Scales DataBank software. It is a tool to understanding key business processes by effectively converting scale data into critical information that is needed for your business to operate and succeed.