Monorail Overhead Track Scale

The 5270 Series is a self-contained, 1,000 lb. capacity scale that is fully assembled and factory tested to capture consistent, accurate weight readings. The 5270 Series seamlessly integrates into an existing overhead monorail system by simply cutting the monorail where desired and inserting the scale. The fabricated steel hangers used to support the monorail are re-purposed to support and secure the scale. At the factory, screw holes are pre-drilled along the 5270’s “dead rail,” enabling easy on-site hanger attachment.

The 5270 Series is designed for static weighing performed by a scale operator. When the operator moves a product along the monorail and onto the integrated scale, the trolley wheel encounters a slight depression at the center of the scale where it stops. Once the product is motionless, the weight is captured. The operator then manually moves the product off the scale and down the track to prepare for the next weighment.

• Compliant with USDA requirements for food-grade,
  wash down applications.

• Fairbanks offers Installation and Scale Maintenance
  services to provide biannual test reports required by
  The Packers and Stockyards Administration for
  NTEP applications.

• 1,000 lb capacity

• The 5270 Series will work with any analog instrument, however,
  to meet USDA requirements (0.1 lb tare) you must pair the scale
  with an FB2255 Instrument with firmware revision 2.05 or higher.