Small sample sizes need to be representative of the entire quantity. The Sequential Precision Divider SPD 4200 single step divider separates a representative sub-sample from a larger quantity. Consisting of 5 divider sections that each split the sample into 2 halves, the SPD 4200 separates a 3.125% sub-sample in less than 15 seconds. The system is gravity driven and has no moving parts. The transparent divider sections make it easy to verify that no sample is remaining in the divider removing the risk of sample cross-contamination.

Features & Benefits
  • Fast: 15 seconds from start to finish.
  • Easy to use: Simply pour in the sample and let it fall through the divider by gravity. Confidently used by non-technical operators.
  • Accurate: The unique design provides a highly representative sub-sample.
  • Reliable: Simple, robust design with no moving parts or motors provides exceptional instrument life and low cost of ownership.
  • Flexible: If a larger sub-sample is desired, the SPD can be used with fewer divider sections and if additional sub-samples are required, run the sample again after removing the first sub-sample.
  • Compact: Small footprint saves space.

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