Fairbanks HC Lift Deck is an economic and common sense truck weighing solution for waste transfer applications. Its simple, modular design offers long-term weighing accuracy, dependability and, unlike any other scale designs on today’s market, expedited access below deck for routine cleanout of dirt and debris.
It’s no secret that traditional shallow pit scales sold into the waste industry for decades have complicated and time-consuming disassembly and reassembly processes. The HC Lift Deck is Fairbanks’ solution to this age-old maintenance dilemma faced by Transfer Station operators nationwide. Not only can Fairbanks HC Lift Deck’s weighing modules be individually lifted and removed with a front loader or other lightweight lifting equipment, recalibration is never required when a module is set back in place. Simply reconnect the module and get right back to weighing.

Best of all, when Fairbanks quotes an HC Lift Deck for your waste transfer application, our engineering solutions team creates a custom scale module configuration to perfectly accommodate all the vehicle types and weight capacities your scale routinely encounters.

HC Lift Deck System includes:
• Paired liftable modules
• Subframe
• 50k Rocker Column load cells
• Self-contained Intalogix® Kits
• Instrumentation
• Remote display (one per pair of scale modules)

Protective Features for Harsh Waste Industry Environments
✓ Durable 1/2” steel scale deck
✓ Coal tar deck undercoating
✓ Hermetically sealed, stainless steel load cells
✓ Critical weighing components are impervious to water  
✓ Fairbanks’ exclusive Intalogix® Technology delivers load cell surge protection
    and real-time performance reporting

Popular HC Lift Deck Scale Module Configurations
Modules are configured to handle the variety of vehicles that will utilize the waste transfer scale. While each application’s configuration is customized for its vehicle flow, the two most common configurations quoted for waste transfer facilities are illustrated below.

10’ & 10’ 

10’ & 15'

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