Fairbanks Scales Access Solutions are built with a rugged design to withstand harsh environments and are equipped with a high-resolution screen to ensure easy readability offering a comprehensive vehicle identification and weighing system that can automate one or more lanes at the scale house to improve speed and accuracy in any vehicle-weighing application.
Fairbanks Scales Access entry stations are easy to use, greeting vehicles arriving on site with an audible and visual prompt, capturing essential transaction information through prompting or RFID means. Improving throughput and increased efficiency at landfills, quarries, recycling plants, transfer stations, and paper plants, the Access Station enable processing of vehicles every 15-45 seconds.

Optional features:

    • Long-range RFID readers
    • Super eGo
    • eGo (ISO 18000 6B)
    • ATA
    • AAR
    • IAG
    • Security Cameras
    • Intercoms
    • Radiation detection
    • GPS tracking
    • Electronic logging
    • Compliance reporting
Designed to help drivers weigh their vehicles and cargo quickly and accurately.