Weigh-In-Motion Rail Scale - 2000 Series WIM

A complete weighing system to expedite railcar processing
Combining the solid design features and proven reliability of the 2000 Series Modular Aboveground Railroad Track Scale with in-motion weighing technology, Fairbanks Scales’ newest railroad scale can more expediently process railroad car weighments and incorporate them into internal systems with ease.

Unlike static scale operations, in which railroad cars are uncoupled prior to weighing, Fairbanks 2000 Series WIM Scale captures the precise weight of individual cars while the freight train is rolling over the scale at a pace of 3 to 4 mph. This in-motion system eliminates the time-consuming work of uncoupling and recoupling cars, as well as potential dangers to onsite personnel needed to do the manual work.

Fairbanks PC interface allows the user to customize their experience and reporting capabilities to maximize operational efficiency.

Fairbanks’ unique ability to retrofit existing static or weigh-in-motion scales with 2000 Series Weigh-in-Motion technology while maintaining A.A.R. and NTEP Legal-for-trade status, an industry first, allows our team to  focus on the exact needs of each customer, rather than using a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Everything you need for in-motion railcar weighing
The 2000 Series WIM Scale comes with all the components needed to dynamically, and more efficiently, process trains and manage railroad car weighment data. Here’s what’s included:

• NTEP approved, 85 ton capacity weigh-in-motion scale platform
• NTEP and AAR approved Fairbanks FB400 scale instrument with integrated web interface
• Two (2) TransCore® RFID tag readers
• Two (2) wheel sensors
• Two (2) pole kits

FB400 Instrument with User Interface
Each 2000 Series WIM Scale is shipped with a Fairbanks FB400 Instrument that meets all NTEP and A.A.R. requirements. The FB400 is easy to operate and continuously reports through a user-friendly PC web interface that features customizable user preferences. Scale data integration into most customer ERP systems is possible. Individual ERP compatibility is explored and determined during the project’s discovery and quoting process.

2000 Series Weigh-in-Motion WIM Railroad Track Scale

Coupled Weigh-in-motion Railroad Scale