Dimensional Weighing

The Fairbanks Parcel Dimensioner is a dimensioning scale that combines the dimensioning and weighing of packages and freight into one complete system. Utilizing FreightSnap technology, this scale can be used to determine the weight AND the dimensions (length, width, height) of packages for shipping, and is often used in warehouses and shipping facilities. Eliminate costly carrier re-classifying charges while improving speed with an affordable and fast method of measuring parcels for shipping.
  • Parcel dimensions from small packages 6” x 6” x 3” to large packages of 48” x 36” x 40”.
  • Displays in imperial or metric units.
  • Captures readings in one second.
  • Designed for shipment process counter or warehouse / mailroom floor.
  • Reduces operational cost while increasing throughput.
  • Scale and Dimensioning NTEP approved and legal for trade.

Parcel Dimensioner Shipping Scale

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