FB7200 Series Analog Instruments

Fairbanks is happy to announce the launch of the FB7200 series instruments designed for vehicle scale and select industrial applications. The FB7200 is the second instrument launched as part of the NextGen Instrumentation Program and builds upon all the familiar features included in the FB7100 series instruments. With enhanced filling operations that visually notify operators when manually controlled filling operations are nearing completion with a high-vis flashing orange and white background. A green background signals when weight is within the target range and a flashing red and white background signals an over-weight condition.

Key Features:  
  • Large 7” color touchscreen with intuitive navigation & menu structure.
  • Operate two scales from a single instrument.
  • Track product inventory with seamless operator integration.
  • Record transactions by customer with seamless operator integration.
  • (3) batching modes for net “gain-in-weight” applications.
  • Enhance manual filling operations with ClearView Checkweighing.
  • Remotely connect to the instrument from your computer to import new products and customers, manage inventory levels, download reports, and troubleshoot a scale.
  • (3) expansion slots for optional I/O cards.


More like a modern smart device than a scale indicator...