FB7100 Series Analog Instruments

Easy operation and three robust operating modes the FB7100 Series is the economical choice for high-traffic vehicle weighing applications that require instrument features and functions for gross/tare/net, inbound/outbound or basic in/out operating modes. Housed in a sleek and sturdy desktop or washdown enclosure, the FB7100 has a large, full-color graphic display, touchscreen functionality with oversized keys, and easy-to-see weight values. Button functionality changes for each operating mode to maximize the space on the instruments front panel.

GTN mode allows the scale operator to process weighments with or without the use of a
keyboard-entered Tare or Auto-tare by simply pressing the PRINT key.
This mode allows the operator to weigh an inbound vehicle and store the transaction temporarily using a numeric Loop ID. When the vehicle returns to the scale to exit the facility, simply press the OUTBOUND key to recall the Inbound weighment and complete the transaction with Gross, Tare and Net values.

Basic In/Out
Basic In/Out mode is designed for applications in which no calculated NET weight is desired. After entering the scale, a loaded vehicle's weight is captured by pressing the PRINT GROSS button, an empty vehicle is captured by pressing the PRINT TARE button.


For single scale, mid-range truck and railcar application.


For single scale, mid-range truck and railcar application.